How To Export To A Java Class in Spring Boot

Spring Boot is built around configurations. An example of a configuration file is the

Sometimes we need to export/import the properties into a Java class so as to make them usable.

Suppose we have a JWT(Json Web Token) key. If we want to make use of it in our project, an ideal solution is to export into a Java class.

This tutorial is going to show you how to export into a Java class.

  1. Edit the file

Notice the prefix, in this case, application. It is essential in the next step.

2. Create a Java class

Create a java class with a name of your liking that we shall use to import the

3. Edit the Java class

public class ApplicationProperties{
private String jwtKey;// getters and setters}

Import the ConfigurationProperties annotation. Have a prefix property, in this case application.

RECAP : Remember the prefix we set in the i.e application.jwt-key.

Have the appropriate getters and setters to change and read the value of the class variables or properties.

4. Ready to use

We are now ready and able to use the anywhere we want to.



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Brian Kitunda

Brian Kitunda

Computer Science student Maseno University, Kenya